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IQVIA is the result of the merger of Quintiles, one of the world`s leading contract research companies, and IMS Health, a leading provider of health data and analytics, in 2016. The Research & Development segment focuses primarily on providing late-stage outsourced clinical trials to pharmaceutical, device and diagnostic companies. The Technology and Analytics segment provides aggregated information and technology services to healthcare customers, including pharmaceutical companies, suppliers, payers and policy makers, as well as data and analytics capabilities for clinical trials, including virtual trials. The company also has a small contract distribution business. IQVIA, formerly Quintiles and IMS Health, Inc.[2], is a U.S. multinational company serving the combined health information technology and clinical research industries. IQVIA is the largest health data science company and a leader in human data science technology. It is a provider of biopharmaceutical development and commercial outsourcing services primarily focused on Phase I to IV clinical trials and related laboratory and analytical services, including consulting services. The company has a network of more than 88,000 employees in more than 100 countries and a market capitalization of $49 billion as of August 2021. [2] In 2019, IQVIA was reported as one of the largest contract research companies in the world. [3] DANBURY, Conn. & RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C-(BUSINESS WIRE)–QuintilesIMS (NYSE: Q) today announced that it will change its name to IQVIA, a company dedicated to using analytics and science to help healthcare providers find better solutions for their patients, effective November 6, 2017. Effective November 15, 2017, the Company`s shares will trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the new name and ticker symbol “IQV”.

Until then, IQVIA will continue to be listed under QuintilesIMS and the “Q” symbol in accordance with the requirements for listing on the New York Stock Exchange. The original name of the company was Intercontinental Marketing Statistics, hence the name IMS. IMS Health was headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut, USA. Ari Bousbib was President and CEO of IMS Health prior to the merger. IQVIA is a global leader in protecting the privacy of individuals. The company uses a variety of technologies and privacy protections to protect the privacy of the individual while generating and analyzing the information that helps its customers advance human health outcomes. IQVIA`s knowledge and implementation capabilities help biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies, medical researchers, government agencies, payers, and other healthcare stakeholders better understand disease, human behavior, and scientific advances to advance their path to recovery. For more information, see www.IQVIA.com. IQVIA is the result of the merger of Quintiles, a leading global contract research company, and IMS Health, a leading provider of healthcare data and analytics in 2016 [4] The name of the modern company honors ancient organizations. IQVIA: I (IMS Health), Q (Quintile) and VIA (through ). 4820 Emperor Blvd.Durham, NC 27703UNITed States919 998 2000www.iqvia.com IQVIA`s continued commitment to data security and privacy measures and decades of deep and practical experience are the main drivers of our global leadership. As a company, we will continue to engage in a variety of governance practices and administrative, technical and physical safeguards and controls to protect the privacy of individuals.

We work closely with data protection authorities, trusted third parties and privacy experts around the world to ensure that we are diligent in protecting the privacy of individuals. IQVIA Holdings Inc. provides advanced analytics, technology solutions and clinical research services to the life sciences industry in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific. The company operates in three segments: Technology & Analytics Solutions, Research & Development Solutions and Contract Sales & Medical Solutions. The Technology & Analytics Solutions segment offers a range of cloud-based applications and related implementation services. Real-world solutions that enable life sciences and provider clients to generate and disseminate evidence that influences healthcare decision-making and improves patient outcomes; and strategy and implementation consulting services, such as. B, advanced analytics and outsourcing services for business processes. This segment also provides national performance metrics related to pharmaceutical sales, prescribing trends, medical treatments, and promotional activities through a variety of channels, including retail, hospital, and mail order; and the measurement of sales or prescribing activities at the regional, postal code and individual prescriber levels. The Research & Development Solutions segment provides project management and clinical follow-up; clinical trial support; virtual exams; and strategic planning and design services, as well as core laboratory, genomics, bioanalysis, ADME, discovery, vaccine and biomarker laboratory services. The Contract Sales & Medical Solutions segment provides healthcare and patient engagement services, as well as scientific and medical strategy services. It serves pharmaceutical, biotechnology, device and diagnostic companies, as well as consumer healthcare companies.

IQVIA has a strategic collaboration with HealthCore, Inc. The company was previously known as Quintiles IMS Holdings, Inc. and changed its name to IQVIA Holdings Inc. in November 2017. IQVIA Holdings Inc. was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina. In May 2016, Quintile`s plans to merge with IMS Health approved $9 billion[23][24] IMS Health shareholders received 0.384 common shares of Quintiles for each common share of IMS Health they held, leaving the distribution of shares at 51.4% IMS and 48.6% Quintiles. [25] [26] The merger was completed in October and the resulting company was a $17.6 billion company called QuintilesIMS. [27] In November 2017, the company adopted the new name IQVIA and changed its NYSE ticker symbol from Q to IQV.

[2] IQVIA`s customer solutions are based on IQVIA CORE. ™ CORE enables IQVIA to offer customized solutions to customers using the world`s largest source of healthcare information, advanced analytics, cutting-edge technologies, and deep industry knowledge of diseases, geographies, and scientific methods. He guides the company`s approach to human data science, including faster and more predictable clinical development, innovative approaches to generating real-world evidence, machine learning to improve patient care, and strategies for accurate business engagement. The seamless integration of these elements, from molecule to market, enables our customers to improve healthcare value, access and outcomes around the world. Sorrell v. IMS Health Inc. was a physician privacy case that was brought before the U.S. Supreme Court, the High Court ruled in favor of the company. [32] [33] [34] [35] Quintiles was the world`s largest provider of biopharmaceutical development and commercial outsourcing services. The company has offered companies in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, drug development, financial development, financial partnership and commercialization of clinical data management, clinical trial conduct, pharmaceuticals, drug development, financial partnership and commercialization. IQVIA Investor RelationsAndrew Markwick, +1-973-257-7144andrew.markwick@iqvia.comorIQVIA Media RelationsTor Constantino, +1-484-567-6732tor.constantino@iqvia.com Non-Financial PitchBook metrics help you measure a company`s traction and growth based on web presence and social reach.

Discover the knowledge, research and ongoing analysis that help accelerate our understanding of how health systems work, treatment development and healthcare. IQVIA Holdings Inc.`s ISS governance qualityscore as of September 26, 2021 is 10. The values of the columns are audited: 5; Board of Directors: 10; Shareholders` rights: 9; Remuneration: 10. This vision of a healthier world and the work we do to help the industry move forward is why IQVIA is the Human Data Science Company™. In 1982, Dennis Gillings founded Etntiles Transnational in North Carolina. [18] Quintiles Transnational founded Quintiles Pacific Inc. and Quintiles Ireland Ltd. in 1990.

[19] Quintiles GmbH in Germany and Quintiles Laboratories Ltd. in Atlanta, Georgia, were founded in 1991. [20] In September 1996, Quintiles acquired Innovex Ltd. of the United Kingdom for $747.5 million in shares. [21] Quintiles went public in 1997 and successfully completed a secondary offering. [22] In 2016, Quintiles and IMS Health came together to create something completely new. .

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